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 An OzWizard's 10 New Year's Resolution

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PostSubject: An OzWizard's 10 New Year's Resolution   Mon Jan 01, 2007 4:43 pm

ei mga fellow Ozwiz.. post kau dto ng new yr's resolution nyo.. hehe (ung ggwin nyo tlga ah!) lewls.. eto saken:

1. be more patient and understanding.. lalo na sa luvs ko.. Very Happy
2. be more optimistic in terms of grades and about school...
3. meet new friends -- online and sa real
4. be my old self -- outgoing and cheerful
5. lessen problems by taking them 1 at a time..
6. be more thrifty! (nauubos allowance ku sa netcard hehe) :p
7. be more active -- i need a new routine, ung healthier >.<
8. omg i need to lose 10 lbs (i need to DIET again... damn xmas food)
9. respect myself as i respect others -- i need to have more time with myself
10. live and love like there's no tomorrow! luv yah mark! mwaaahhzz Very Happy



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PostSubject: Re: An OzWizard's 10 New Year's Resolution   Mon Jan 01, 2007 4:51 pm

my top 10 new years resolution

What's your New Year's Resolution?? Mine??? Well I put a lot of thought into it.....ok not really but here's my New Year's Resolution:

1) I never really gave a crap about what anyone thought of me so I will continue with that mentality and attitude. Hey man...it's not that hard to figure out you know? If you don't like me...just fuck off...it's pretty simple. I will not change who I am to please everyone in this planet. I will continue being "ME" and that's that homie.

2) I already quit smoking like....a week ago or so.....soooo that's checked one of the list.

3) I don't know if I can cut down on my swearing and cursing but maybe I can try...but what the fuck for though you know? Shit....man....fuck.

4) I spend way too much money on my credit card. Maybe next year I can cut down a little bit.......wait......nevermind.....HHAHAHAHA! Shopping rule my life. I love shopping more than ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon kid!

5) Bitch you got something to say? Say it my face you dirty hoe. lol! Was that a New Year's Resolution? I don't care...I just needed to add that. Am i being rude...

6) I already give a lot to charity, and when I say charity...I also mean my friends and family so no need to add that to the list again...MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

7) I've always been a bit boy crazy. Maybe next year I can....dare I say it? SETTLE DOWN???????? WHAAAAAAAAAT? affraid Pshhh...we'll see my man, we shall see.

Cool I will make P15 million next year and if not I will slap.....hmm....I will slap your.....I can't think of anything good...but just know that I will slap something or someone if I don't make P15mil next year ok? God are you listening to me??????????????? Ok then...be cool my man...be cool.

9) I will play oz world philippines and be loyal to my clan...i wish

10) I will be good these coming year...(im saying this every year) lol!

Those are my New Year's Resolutions...YAY! Now tell me yours before I slap you too.(just joking though!!)



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PostSubject: eto akin. hehehe!   Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:30 pm

weeeheheee.. kelangan ba tlga 10?

1. iwasan na procrastination. do what's to be done, asap. hilig ko kc ipagpabukas. feel ko ung adrenaline rush pag bukas na ung deadline tpos ngaun ko uumpisahan. wooot.

2. balik learning links. tumigil ako magvolunteer kc di ko nakasundo ung isang facilitator. woink. wrong move. nagsuffer mga bata dahil dun, di nmn sila dapat madamay sa away nmin ng facilitator. so, blik learning links! balik turo!!

3. tatanggalin ko tong double chin na to. in short, diet.

4. make new friends. connect with old ones. syado kc naging busy-busyhan.

5. ayusin ko na schoolworks. pagiisipan ko na tlga kng ano gusto ko, and i'll stick with it. 3rd yr na ko, i need to set things na.

6. ayusin relative feud. hehe. mag sorry sa mga dpat pagsorryhan at magpatawad. goal ko to before i turn 20. dpat mapatawad na ung mga nagkasala sakin, and i mean, patawad.

7. maging less makulit. hehe. unconsciously ata nagiging pasaway na ko. wahaha. baka imbis mangyari ung number 4, maging kabaliktaran.

8. tipid. paabutin ko nmn ng kalakatian ng buwan ung allowance ko.. para may change. pra matuwa nman si mama. wehehhe

9. iwas alak. bumibigay na sikmura ko. huhuhu.

10. love deeper. nagkukulang ata ako.
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PostSubject: Re: An OzWizard's 10 New Year's Resolution   

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An OzWizard's 10 New Year's Resolution
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